A selection of online resources to help people start conversations about mental health and suicide - provided in response to feedback received during the June 2017 Suicide Prevention Forum held by MRSPAG [please click on orange text : ) ]

Conversations matter: Resources for talking about suicide
In-depth resources which cover different types of conversations:
- group discussions about suicide prevention
- talking to someone you are worried about, who may be thinking about suicide
- community conversations following a suicide
- talking to someone who may have lost someone to suicide
- telling a child about a suicide

Lifeline - 3 steps to prevent suicide 
Simple steps on how to respond if you think someone is suicidal.

Lifeline – Toolkit: Helping someone at risk of suicide 
In-depth resource on how to help someone you are worried about, expands on the 3 steps approach.

R U Ok?
Simple steps on how to talk to someone you are concerned about.  Includes tips on how to respond if they say they are not ok.  Includes helpful tip sheet at the bottom and other resources.

Operation Life Online
Suicide prevention website developed by the Department of Veterans' Affairs which aims to raise awareness among, and provide strategies for, veterans, ex-serving personnel and their families.


Mindframe media and public speaking guides
A Mindframe guide for consumers and carers
The guide contains practical information for consumers and carers to support their work with the media. It provides some advice on the best way to share personal stories – whether this is in a media interview or a public speaking opportunity.

A guide for speaking publicly about suicide
This guide aims to provide some practical tips on safe ways to discuss this challenging area, to ensure any risks are managed whilst increasing the community understanding of suicide. It is important to talk about suicide.